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DMK RP (Remodeling Procedure)

DMK RP (Remodeling Procedure)

DMK RP (Remodeling Procedure)

Informed Consent and Release Form

  • The DMK RP (Remodeling Procedure) is a resurfacing procedure that is done over a period of 10-14 days. It is designed to give the equivalent result of a Pro Alpha Six-Layer peel without the trauma, or convalescence that is required.

    Products neeeded
    The client agrees to use their regular DMK home prescriptives day and night. This includes the DMK Sunscreen SPF30 every morning for the duration of the RP treatment.

    The RP uses a combination of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids and a Vitamin A solution. This combination together, results in a superior resurfacing procedure. The client agrees to prepare for the treatments by applying Retosin every night leading up to the treatment.

    What the client can expect:
    (Please initial each separate point to demonstrate consent.)
  • The client understands and agrees to all the conditions of having the RP. Because the treatment time, the client may not be able to discern a visible difference. Photos are the best judge of improvement. If the client does not wish to have the photos taken, improvement cannot be gauged effectively and the opinion of the Technician will be final. The photos taken will be used solely for the purpose of client/technician analysis of the end result.

    I agree and understand all the conditions stated above.