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DMK – Alkaline Wash

DMK – Alkaline Wash

Danné Montague King - Alkaline Wash

Client Information Form

The client is to read and sign the following information. You have the right to be informed about your Danné professional treatment and it’s aftercare.

Alkaline Wash is designed to abort the surface epidermal cells of the skin, dissolve hair, soften tissue and assist in excreting dead and dying cells. The series of treatments prescribed by at qualified technician gives a similar effect as a chemical peel without the trauma of a controlled burn or the uncomfortable convalescence required by conventional medical peels.

It is safe for all skin categories and races and is recommended in treating light acne scar conditions, fine wrinkles, folliculitis, pigmentation treatments and hair removal. Results may vary from person to person.

I understand the above description to Alkaline Wash. I understand and agree to the following:

  1. While Alkaline Wash treatment will give a definite improvement and restoration of health to my skin, topical chemistry, like surgery, is not an exact science. Therefore my skin therapist performing this procedure cannot guarantee the exact results or a time frame in which optimum results may be achieved. They can only offer testimony to past cases including any before and after photo’s a prior client may wish to release for viewing.
  2. While Alkaline Wash is usually accompanied by minimum discomfort provided I follow the home prescriptives given to me by my technician faithfully. I may experience the following:
    • Redness and a slight sandpaper effect on the skin
    • Peeling proceeded by a crusty hardness to the skins surface
    • Irritation around the eyes and the mouth area and sometimes on the chin
    • An outbreak of pimples or gases and other impurities that were already present in the skin
    • A slight burning sensation or “sunburn” sensation in the early stages of the treatment
    • An irritated, open lesion that may weep and then scab and heal normally (requires antibiotic gel as prescribed by physician of therapist)

I understand these contraindications are temporary and often accompany a successful treatment over a period of time.


  1. I understand that Alkaline Wash hair removal treatments may not be permanent in my case.
  2. I understand that Alkaline Wash does not affect the growth rate or shock the hair into delaying growth rate as in the case of waxing.
  3. I understand that I am getting the added benefit of exfoliation as well as hair removal at the same time.
  4. I understand that Alkaline Wash treatments will weaken my excess hair, not encourage more growth or coarsen my hair.

Should none of the above contraindications occur, I understand that this is not a sign the treatment is not working but rather I am in excellent health and respond to organic material well.

I hereby promise to use only the products given to me by my technician during the treatment series and at least a week following the final treatment.

I understand that in as much as Alkaline Wash is a professional treatment formula the chances of me suffering any permanent skin damage from the treatment are practically non-existent.