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DMK – Enzyme Consent Form

DMK – Enzyme Consent Form

DMK - Enzyme Treatment

Informed Consent and Release Form

Congratulations on your choice to have a DMK skin treatment. Our procedures are results orientated and are designed to improve skin conditions. These are non-invasive treatments that use the body’s chemistry to induce lasting results. We use a process known as hydrolyzation, which turns dead protein cells into a weak acid that is then flushed from the skin. Our enzyme formulations contain pure ingredients so adverse reactions are very rare.

You may experience:

  • Break-outs, we cannot cause any breakouts to occur, however congestion and trapped sebum plugs may be released, resulting in a superficial break out.
  • Dry, tight patches – this is where dead protein cells are still attached to the epidermis and has not been released.
  • Underlying pigment due to the aging process, may move to the surface. This is due to the hydrolyzation of dead protein cells making the area look darker to the eye.
  • The client may experience redness, heat and a slight stinging sensation for the first two days (This is the most common in our more aggressive treatments).
  • We are activating the skin to function normally so it may have a different texture while undergoing treatments.

Each person’s experience will be different. The purpose of this form is to make sure you are well informed. If you have any questions after the treatment, please contact your skin therapist.

I have read what I may experience due to treating my skin with enzyme therapy and I understand that these treatments do not typically aggravate pre-existing or underlying conditions.